Gathered In Darkness Cast Complete

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The primary cast of the concept album “Gathered In Darkness” is complete.


Robert Lowe:  Vocals

Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe

Robert is most known for his work with the doom bands Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass.  He has also worked with another project called Concept of God.  His unique, and instantly recognizable vocal style has brought about his press bestowed alias as “The Disciple of Doom.”

Dr. Froth:  NS/STICK

Michael "Dr. Froth" Millsap

Michael “Dr. Froth” Millsap

Dr. Froth is a bassist and composer.  His work with the NS/STICK can be heard on the recent Six Minute Century release “Wasting Time,” as well as on Well of Soul’s last album “Sorrow My Name.”

Joel Gregoire:  Guitar

Joel Gregoire

Joel Gregoire

Joel’s virtuoso style can be heard on his recent solo recording “Deranged Kids of the Electric Playground.”  He was also in the progressive band Stride, whose albums “Imagine” and “Music Machine” were both amazingly composed and executed.

Kevin Bartlett: Drums

Kevin Bartlett

Kevin Bartlett

Kevin’s phenomenal progressive style drumming talents can be heard on the progressive metal album “Rebel Mind” by Eumeria.


Additional Vocal Cast:  (In order of appearance)

Chuck Williams (Six Minute Century):  Light Advocate

Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams

John Calvin (Well Of Souls):  Dark Advocate

John Calvin

John Calvin

Lance King (Pyramaze, Balance of Power):  The Underjudge

Lance King

Lance King

James Rivera (Helstar, Malice):  The Infernal Prosecutor

James Rivera

James Rivera

David Gonzlez (Fluid Frequency):  The Unborn Soul

David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez

Sloan Robley (Raised From Nothing, Silenced Within):  Mother of the Unborn

Sloan Robley

Sloan Robley

Austin Funderburk (Locrian):  Herald of Suffering

Austin Funderburk

Austin Funderburk


GUEST SOLOISTS: (In Alphabetical Order)

Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Don LaFon (Six Minute Century, Mystic Cross)

Don LaFon

Don LaFon

John Morris (Well Of Souls)

John Morris

John Morris

Simone Mularoni (DGM)

Simone Mularoni

Simone Mularoni

Marc Petillon

Marc Petillon

Marc Petillon

Bobby Williamson (Eumeria, Outworld)

Bobby Williamson

Bobby Williamson

Tim Wayne (Well Of Souls)

Tim Wayne

Tim Wayne


The story centers around the unintended consequences of one rash decision by the main character (Robert Lowe) and his efforts to simultaneously set things right and save himself from a horrible fate.

The music is a blending of progressive metal with epic doom textures.

Writing is moving along very well and the project is still on schedule to begin recording in March.

Gathered In Darkness

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For immediate release:

Doom metal vocalist Robert Lowe (Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus) has teamed up with composer and NS/STICK player Michael “Dr. Froth” Millsap (Six Minute Century/Well of Souls) to record a concept album entitled “Gathered In Darkness.”

The music will be a blending of progressive metal with epic doom metal textures.

Robert Lowe is most known for his work as the vocalist for Candlemass from 2007 through 2012, appearing on the albums “King of the Grey Islands,” “Death Magic Doom,” and “Psalms for the Dead,” as well as for his work with Solitude Aeturnus.

Dr. Froth is the bassist for Six Minute Century, whose latest album “Wasting Time” was released in October of 2013 on Nightmare Records.  He is also the bassist for epic doom band Well of Souls.

Several other musicians will be joining the cast of Gathered in Darkness.  Confirmed guest vocalists at this time include Chuck Williams (Six Minute Century), John Calvin (Well of Souls), and David Gonzales (Fluid Frequency).  Confirmed musicians include guitarist Joel Gregoire (Stride), Don LaFon (Six Minute Century), Simone Mularoni (DGM), and Marc Petillon.

The project is wrapping up the writing phase and is scheduled to enter the studio in early March.

Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe


Dr. Froth

Dr. Froth


Gummy Frothdrops

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Gumdrops...Hell Yeah

Gumdrops…Hell Yeah

Many of you asked for the recipe to my homemade gumdrops and so I am happy to post that here.

I will preface this with a bit of a warning.  Making these is kind of a pain in the balls and the odds of failure and disaster are pretty good.  This is not to say that you should not try them, what it says is that you should buy more materials than you are planning to need so that you will have enough in the end.  Each time I make these I shoot for four batches and I usually get two or three to survive.

Yesterday I attempted to make four batches.  I was going for Orange, Coconut, Peppermint, and Raspberry.  I have not done these in a long, long time so of course my first batch, the Orange, turned into a carmelized brick of failure.  I had to dump water in the pot and boil it just to get out the candy corpse.  The Coconut ones came out really good.  The Peppermint ones came out textbook perfect…they were beautiful.  Something went amiss in the Raspberry batch, they tasted awesome but were too gooey to really hold a square shape and kind of melted into Raspberry blob overnight.  Still edible though, just not awesome looking.  So yesterday had a success ratio of about 60%.  Unless you have a lot of candy making experience, I would prep yourself for similar results.  (I usually do better…for the record).

This is what you need to have on hand for each batch you want to make:

1 (1 3/4 oz.) pkg. powdered fruit pectin
3/4 c. water
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 c. sugar
1 c. light corn syrup
2 tsp. extract of the flavor of your choice
Food coloring
Sugar for coating

8x8x2 inch cake pan.

1 medium and 1 large sauce pan.


O.K.  Here we go boys and girls.  In the medium sauce pan, combine the baking soda, the package of fruit pectin, and the water.  This is going to foam up like it has rabies.  This is normal and O.K.

In the large saucepan, combine the sugar and the corn syrup.  Stir this until you get cloudy paste.

This is ready for heat

This is ready for heat

Turn the heat under the pectin-soda mixture onto high.  Boil this, stirring often, until the large foam dissipates and you have a milder looking concoction. Turn the heat down to simmer at this point.





This is where things are going to start to move briskly, and this is also where it can go sideways on you fast if you are not careful.  Bring the heat up to high under the suger-syrup mixture and stir it like crazy.  When you see the first couple of bubbles indicating that the sugar is going to boil, turn the heat up on the baking soda mixture from simmer to another level higher (like from 2 to 3).  Keep stirring the sugar until it is at a rapid boil.  Do not let this boil for very long…if it starts to turn from clear to brown you have screwed the pooch and will need to start over.  Once it has boiled for a little bit (like 15 seconds) pour the soda mixture into it.  Stir, stir, stir for about 40-45 seconds.  Watch it closely…again if it starts to change color remove from heat immediately and you might save it.

The next step must be performed quickly, but be careful that you do not try to do it so fast that you dump the boiling candy onto your pelvis.  It would be like getting a crotch full of napalm.

Now that you have let the combined mixtures boil for the 40 seconds or so, take it off the burner.  Add 2 tsp of the flavor of your choice and six drops of food coloring.  Stir it in really good and then pour this into your cake pan.  If you do this too quickly and do not boil the mixtures together long enough your candy will be way to sticky to hold shape (like my Raspberry ones) and you will end up with a tasty gummy blob (still eat it…it is good).  If you do it too slowly, you will have a hard time pouring this into the cake pan and the candy will not be smooth and the same thickness, though this is a better problem to have and the gumdrops will still be fine.

Set the cake pan off to the side for about 4 to 5 hours.

Now you will wait...and wait...and wait

Now you will wait…and wait…and wait

I would clean your pots right away, before making another batch.  To do so easily, fill the pans halfway up with water and boil it.  When the water is at a full boil, pour it out and scrub with your cleaning pad.  If you have utensils with gummy stuff on them, dip them in the boiling water before pouring it out to easily clean.


O.K.  You have made the candy and it has set out at room temp for 4 or 5 hours.  Now what?

Pour a bunch of sugar onto a plate or into another pan.  Take a glass and fill it with hot tap water.  Take a knife, dip it in the glass of hot water and then cut a line down the large pan of candy.  Dip the knife in the water before each cut, and continue until you have cut the candy into a grid of squares roughly a square inch each.  Did the knife go smoothly through?  If so, good job you made a great batch of gumdrops.  Did it catch and try to drag the candy with it?  If so, stop and let the candy set up for another hour or so and try again.  If you get the same result than you have made tasty gummy goo. This is not a complete disaster, and they will still taste good.  Cut them up the best you can.

The best method...

The best method…

Take the squares out one at a time and roll them in the plate of sugar.  Keep doing this until you can pick up the gumdrop without it being sticky.  Set it on another plate.

When you have finished the whole batch, I like to get one more plate out and re-roll them a final time.  This is just to make sure that they will not stick to each other and will be easy to stack and serve.

Repeat the process for all the flavors that you have made.  Cover the plate with tin foil or plastic wrap and store at room temp.  I do not know how long they keep because these things never last more than a few days before everyone eats them up.

Enjoy, and have fun making them.  Do not get discouraged if the first batch implodes.  In fact, I would just plan on your first batch being a learning time.  Once you see the sugar-syrup mixture go south and carmalize before your eyes you will know the warning signs to watch for.  After a couple of batches you will have it figured out.   Just buy more materials than you need and have a good time learning.

The Great Geezer Ram Jam

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I have never been it Iceland before, though I am sure it is a nice enough place.  I mean, its not like the sort of place where old men would beat the crap out of each other in an assisted living place to lay claim to a copy of the current Ram Semen Guide…right?  Because that would be fucking ludicrous.

Oh wait…shit.

It would seem that they do have this problem.

What the hump???  Check it out here:

Maybe I’m missing something here.  Is Ram jizz the Icelandic equivalent to Justin Bieber?  Remember Beatlemania?  Is it like that but instead of the Beatles it is a pint of sheep squirt?  Why are there not enough copies of this, evidently all important, manuscript.  If Gramps is willing to smack the dentures out of somebodies mouth for the secrets of wooly spunk, would you not think it to be smart to have provided more than one fucking copy of this book to the Old Folks home.  

“Hey Billy…have you seen Mrs November yet?”

“Nahhh…fuck that shit…I got the only copy of this years Ram Slam.”

“Hey let me see that a second Billy”

“Suck my wrinkly ball bag”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooooooooooooouuuu Billllllllllly”

–insert elderly fight to the death here—

I have not been old yet, but I know old people.  I am relatively sure that this is not common old folk practices, so it must be an Iceland thing.  The worst part about it is that the article said that of the 47 types of ram goo you can get, none of them seem to stand out more than the others.  Why bother?

You can get the semen from special sheep stations.  I wonder if it works like pick a part for cars, where you chase down a ram..tackle him, and spank him off into a mason jar.  That could almost become a winter olympic sport.  It probably has not only due to the fact that Iceland would win the fucking gold every year.  Of course…we do have Florida…maybe we could grab silver.

I guess in the great Icelandic spank race for ram spunk…it does not pay to be sheepish.

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Nads of Knowledge

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This is completely insane.  I would suspect this kind of thing from Florida, and we all know how Canada does their education on the private parts (see this post on Canadian Sex Ed:, but Brazil?   Why?  Why did you do this Brazil?

Here is the link to this madness:

You know how sports teams have mascots.  They are kind of like worthless super hero types but with no powers.  Now imagine if your balls were a sports team.  Imagine them playing a championship game against cancer.  And then…imagine this as the mascot:

What the hell is that???

What the hell is that???

What the fuck is that thing?

Why does it have a hair style?  Why does it have pubes?  Why is it standing next to a little girl?  Is that a mole or some kind of fucked up STD?

There is no way in fuck I would let a gigantic living nadbag anywhere near a child, especially a little girl.  Can you imagine the permanent damage that this thing is doing to her brain?  Now she thinks that all boys around the world have the fleshy equivalent to spongebob slapping around in their underpants just waiting for the opportunity to break out into a song and dance number.  Or just to break out…in hives.

I understand that cancer sucks.  Ball Cancer sucks especially hard.  But…but…does an elementary school little-fucking-girl really need to fucking worry about getting cancer in her balls?   If she has balls, she has wayyyyyyy more problems than cancer.  None of the boys in that age group have hit puberty yet…they probably find the concept of Mr. Balls disturbing and dangerous.  The terror induced  by having to shake hands with a gigantic set of genitals is without a doubt more psychologically scarring than the cancer boogeyman would be to a second grader.

Can you imagine being the poor minimum waged bastard who has to dress up as Ball-Man for a living?  If he has to do that in the summer I bet the interior of that suit smells like camel balls.  What committee of sick fucking asshats decided that parading a living set of junk around the classroom was a superior educational decision for this age group?

I tell you one thing.  The folks in the aforementioned committee had a bunch of balls.  Bwahahahahaha.

No Time To Waste

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And so here we are, at long last.

The Six Minute Century album “Wasting Time” released one week ago and our CD release concert was this past weekend.  All in all I am very excited for this release, and the reviews have been mostly quite positive thus far.  In fact, as far as being a bassist is concerned, they were very kind to me.  Here are some bits of what some of them had to say:

“… Ever hear a song with a bass solo at the core before?  Search no further, because this CD contains just that.  On the track Czardas, which features a more somber intro with flamenco-style acoustics and violin, suddenly this unruly bassline from out of nowhere comes into play, and it is very exciting when the bass takes over the song at about a minute-and-a-half in.  It is without a doubt the best bass song I’ve heard since Metallica’s The Call Of Ktulu on Ride The Lightning…”Wyrd Way Rock Show Review.  Link:

“… “The Killing Fields” is a wonderful example of the band’s gnarled prog, and bassist Michael Millsap is a flat-out beast…”  – About.Com.  Link:

“…While all the musicians involved are well trained and experienced the new bass player Mr. Millsap is particularly interesting in his constant doubling mania with the lead guitar and he hold a very high position in the mix, with even a few bright solo spots, as in the instrumental cut “Czardas” in the middle of the tracklist, that’s recalls me the great “Farandole” by TALAS, but with an additional slightly South-American Tango influences…” Metal Temple.  Link:

“…Dr. Froth as well with his intense style of play is also given a bit or two of feature to many tracks on the album as he is put up front on a number of tracks…”  – Dambreaker.    Link:

“…Six Minute Century aren’t afraid to put their bass player Michael “Dr. Froth” Millsap in the spotlight like on the instrumental “Czardas” and you can soon tell why as this guy is impressive, he also puts in a very nice introduction to “Last Days in Paradise”…”  – Sea of Tranquility.  Link:

“…”Czardas” is in turn so radically different a number (old Hungarian folk dance number exposed to progressive metal), so it is worth highlighting. At the same time they put melody piece over on bass in this issue, and it makes it even more special. Nice number…”  –  Calles Rock Corner.  Link:

“…A lot of power metal acts are guilty of burying the bass in the mix, so it’s great to see Six Minute Century treating the instrument with the respect it deserves – without taking the arpeggiated flurry approach of Hibria and such. In places, it gives the more technical elements of Wasting Time a Spiral Architect-like feel, and in others accentuates the riffs, fleshing everything out that little bit more…”Blackwind Metal.  Link:

“…Perhaps the best example of SMC’s musicianship and progressive leanings comes with the instrumental Czardas. It features interplay between LaFon’s guitar and, I’m pretty sure, bassist Michael Milsap on his NS Stick. It’s probably the best song here…”  – Dangerdog Music Reviews.  Link:

“…Both Millsap (Bass/NS Stick) and Lewis (Drums) provide WAY above average performances here, as they are both quite skilled-musicians, so why they were not also highlighted on the promo material I have no idea…”Heavy Metal Time Machine.  Link:

Wow.  All this within the first week.  I don’t even know what to say except thanks to everybody that is enjoying the direction I am trying to take my bass playing by using the creative potential of Stick Enterprise’s NS/STICK.  If you are a bassist and want to extend your range as well as play one of the best sounding basses ever…please give them a look.

So what does the future hold for Dr. Froth?   Well boys and girls, progress on the solo album is great.  Steve Bundrick has been working on his drum tracks and has about a fourth of the record done at this point.  Well of Souls is writing their next record and I have penned a couple of tunes for that disc as well.  Doom legend Robert Lowe (Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus)  has already tracked two songs worth of vocals as a special guest also.

Six Minute Century will begin writing after the holidays.  We will do our best to not make our fans wait five years for album three.  With luck it will only be 2 or 3.

Dave Gonzalez from Fluid Frequency and I have decided to record an Empire of the Mind record, rehashing the old goodies for the few of you that might have got to hear them back in the day as well as some new gems.  Pre-production will commence on this in the early spring of next year.

Lots of fun music for everybody so stay tuned folks.


Soft Marksman

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Nothing really says to your friends “Hey Man, great to see you today” quite like an airsoft round blasted into the groin at 380 FPS (feet per second).  I’m not sure if the FPS listed on the boxes of airsoft guns is really the speed that the contraption fires the little plastic pellets of pain, or if it instead refers to the speed your friends will move in an attempt to kill you after taking a few said pellets to the dick.

Possibly both.

I know.  I took an airsoft round to the cock and it fucking sucked balls.

During my first year at the Houston Grand Prix, airsoft guns would become a routine part of daily work life.  This was at a time period where the track was not very busy at all, doing only a fifth of what they do today.  It was also a time where we were basically unsupervised due to the owner settling up a private matter with the state for a year.

What started out as a couple of us shooting some soda cans to take the edge off of a boring night quickly turned into that same couple of us shooting the other employees to take the edge off of a boring night.  These employees decided that getting blasted was lame as hell so they bought some guns of their own.

Quickly the track became more like a plastic facsimile of the wild west.  Airsoft battles could break out at any moment so all of us always had one or two locked and loaded and on our person at all times.  It made for some interesting moments, much to the surprise and probable annoyance of the customers.

Employee:  “O.K. So buckle up and we will be off…OUCH…SWEET BABY JESUS…”(ducking behind the edge of the go-kart to return fire) “When the red light comes on…OUCH…just pull back into the pit.”

It got ridiculous.  We took a pretty much useless skill and maxed it out.  I remember getting to the point where, after repeatedly asking a couple customers to take their lit cigarettes off of the pool tables, I would just shoot them (the cigarettes not the customers).  There was one time I shot a pellet down the center of a coat hanger cardboard tube into a balloon from 30 feet away on my second attempt.  It was cool.  Pointless.  But cool.

You could not have just one, because eventually it would run out of bullets and then you would be fucked.  I think at the height of the airsoft shenanigans I was carrying two pistols and an uzi.  Austin had an airsoft shotgun and “The Fist” had an M16.  It was a turbulent work environment to say the least.

Amidst some of the daytime boredom, I was able to craft a decent airsoft grenade from some fireworks, airheads taffy candy, airsoft pellets, and scotch tape.  I can’t really put into words how great these were, and they were quite painful.  I think they might have put out more FPS than the guns.  Thankfully, their creation and execution have been captured on video and you can see them on YouTube here:

Airsoft Grenade Creation:

Airsoft Grenade Implementation:


It was decided that one night, after closing the track down the public, that a proper war was in order.  We each got two of the above mentioned grenades and whatever airsoft guns we owned and went at it.  After a very satisfying moment where I introduced The Salad to the finer workings of the airsoft grenades by rolling one under the curtain of the shop bathroom while he was using it, I decided that I needed to take things up a notch.

So I built a tank.

The Go-Kart Tank

The Go-Kart Tank

Do you think the picture there is a bunch of cardboard attached to a go-kart?  It is.

That was probably the highlight of our great battle, the outcome of which I can’t recall.  I doubt that it matters really anyway.  It was not a battle fought for victory but for the sake of testosterone fueled kicks.

The Airsoft War of Houston Grand Prix was probably the high water mark of the gun slinging madness at the track.  It fizzled out a bit after that, and once Bob was back and were subject to adult supervision again there was no way that kind of business would fly anymore.

When the track flooded a few months later we ended up sweeping out close of half a million little green plastic pellets.  It was both awe inspiring and sad at the same time.

I still have a couple airsoft guns laying around the house but I don’t really touch them anymore.  The temptation to unload one into Thurber Mingus might prove too much to resist.  Though, I tried to convince my wife that the cat would not mind.

“He likes to be petted.  Why not pet him with plastic?”

She presented a frank, yet profound argument for not blasting any of our cats with the airsoft gun and how my life would be healthier and longer by not doing so.

And so they sit and wait patiently for the day when they will be needed again…


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